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Nature Sights

A popular place for walking and recreational activities
The grove was established in 2012.
Pokaiņi Forest is the most mysterious place in Latvia.
The Bērze indisputably adds to the scenery of Dobele.
The legendary Lake Zebrus is an excellent place for relaxing near the water.
A vast panoramic view opens from the highest point of Krievkalni.
School Park is designed as a place for recreation, walking and picnics.
The small lake is hidden in a woody area.
The scenic lake is a popular place for recreation and fishing.
The lake is a perfect recreational site for those who enjoy peace.
The small, picturesque lake lies among hills and woods near Dobele.
Man-made reservoir is a favorite resting place.
So powerful branch crown may not have any other oak in Latvia.
Three oaks in front of the old Bērzmuiža elementary school were planted on occation Kārlis Ulmanis 60th birthday on 4 September 1937.
The 2 km peaks of hillocks of Dobe hills form the castle mound of Mežakalns and Incēni, they are separated by the glen of the river Avīkne and the road from Kokmuiža to Lielauce.
The castle mound of Spārni is situated on picturesque southeastern banks of the lake Spārni near the outlet of the river Sesava.
The springs are often also called “the King’s Springs”.The individual springs come out of a stone wall, merge and in the form of a large stream flow away through a small ditch into the forest.