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Monuments and Memorial Sites

The ensemble is the largest memorial place in Latvia for the politically repressed people.
The Dobele Liberation Monument has become the national symbol of Dobele citizens.
The monument in the garden of Dobele Evangelic Lutheran church is dedicated to Augusts Bīlenšteins.
The monument in Dobele Cemetery is dedicated to the warriors killed in World War I and in the Latvian liberty fights.
Memorial sign is placed in the location where Dobele teacher Otto Feldmanis was shot by punitive expedition in 1905.
The monument is dedicated to the soldiers killed in World War I. It symbolizes mourning soldier and peasant-partisan.
The grove was established in 2012.
The bunker is not only a tribute to the national partisans, but also the object for tourists.
Memorial site to Kārlis Ulmanis is installed in Bērze graveyard where the former president himself wished to lay to rest.
The memorial stone in the place of the battles of General Jānis Balodis' brigade.
Memorial stone is dedicated to Naudīte School what was burned down in 1944.
The sign is dedicated to the fallen parish residents during the First World War and Latvian independence struggle.
Monument reminds the tragical battles during World War II.
This stele is considered a national identity symbol. On the Lāčplēsis Day it brings together the local residents who light candles thus commemorating soldiers who died during Latvia’s freedom battles.
Ludvigs Teteris (1943–2003) was a prominent local personality.
Address: The monument is located on the left when entering Auce from Jelgava side.
Memorial Stone to the Father of Latvian folk songs.
The monument at the Lielauce Church was unveiled in 1934 to commemorate the Battle of Lielauce.
In 2003 the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia erected a monument on the site of massacre.